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About us

Comfort me so much bowl

Bowls & Buns Healthy Fast- Casual Food concept

At Bowls & Buns we believe balance is the key for a fit and happy life in today’s fast paced society. Healthy eating habits alternated with the occasional guilty pleasure, is what we preach. We have transformed this healthy fast-food vision into our product range at Bowls & Buns by offering healthy fast- casual food in the form of poké salad bowls, bao buns, all day smoothie bowls and so on. Everything on the menu is next to healthy also freshly made on a daily base, accessible for everyone, easy for take away or even catering.

At Bowls & Buns we offer you a range of healthy, flavorful and easy on the go products, freshly made on a daily base!

More importantly at Bowls & Buns we aim to create sustainable value and increase awareness by using natural, organic and circular products. Our fish has the MSC quality mark and most of our packaging is biological degradable.

Bowls & Buns #17 – Food Concept Store

Our Bowls & Buns #17 – food concept store is an extension to our healthy and fast-casual Bowls & Buns concept. With the addition of this food & retail concept store, we are aiming to expand our reach and create a more sustainable lifestyle concept. The assortment of #17 is not only tied to one segment but offers a variety of products that are not limited to a single segment. Needless to say, that #17 ties perfectly with our outlook on sustainable entrepreneurship.

We aim to create sustainable value and increase awareness by using natural and organic products.

Curious about our healthy, flavorful and easy on the go poké salad bowls and bao buns? Visit our stores or contact us directly for a custom made catering proposal.